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Supervision works


C.E.C LTD liaise with clients to supervise the construction of projects. Our services includes: • undertaking technical and feasibility studies and site investigations
• developing detailed designs• assessing the potential risks of specific projects
• supervising tendering procedures and putting together proposals• managing, supervising and visiting contractors on site and advising on civil engineering issues
• overseeing the work of junior staff or mentoring civil engineers throughout the chartership process• communicating and liaising effectively with colleagues and architects, subcontractors, contracting civil engineers, consultants, co-workers and clients
• engineers, consultants, co-workers and clients
• managing budgets and other project resources


• compiling, checking and approving reports• reviewing and approving project drawings • undertaking complex and repetitive calculations
scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveryattending public meetings to discuss projects, especially in a senior roleattending public meetings to discuss projects, especially in a senior role
• adopting all relevant requirements around issues such as building permits, environmental regulations • sanitary design, good manufacturing practices and safety on all work assignments • ensuring that a project runs smoothly and that the structure is completed on time and within budget • correcting any project deficiencies that affect production, quality and safety requirements before final evaluation and project reviews.

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