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Supervision works


Name of Project: “Routine maintenance of road segment, Tirane-K / Dajt, K/dajt- Biza, K/Dajt- Antenna”

Location: Albania

Client: Tirana Regional Road Administration agency.

Description of Project: Supervision of road maintenance works during the winter season. Priority was to keep the road in servise status and ensuring the safety along the entire length. Co-ordination with state authority to manage the situation.

Year: 20011-2012



Name of Project: "Reconstruction of building DRSSH Tirana"

Location: Albania

Client: Regional Directorate of Social Security (D.R.S.SH) Tirana.

Description of Project: The supervision of construction works consist in:- Finishes work. - Replacement of windows and doors. - Flooring tile. - Building air conditioning system. - Hydraulic works etc.

Year: 2011-2012

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