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Infrastructure design


Name of Project: "Design of the new quay and breakwater in Durres Port".

Location: Albania

Client: Subcontractor of Taulant sh.p.k.

Description of Project: Design of a rubble mound breakwater in the new quay of Durres Port. The design is according the British Standars. The desing comprise the survey under water, setlement calculation of the embankment, calculation of the stones size and their position. The simulation of the water pressure were done in 3D, with the aim of the software SMS.

Year: 2012


Name of Project: "Design of two bridges in the Fier-Berat road”.

Location: Albania

Client: Subcontractor of F&S sh.p.k.

Description of Project: Design of two span reinforced concrete bridge (span=2x20m). The bridge abutments are in reinforced concrete and the foundations are deep pile foundation. The deck width is 12m and is composed by reinforced concrete beams and a cast in situ slab. The calculation were done using Sap2000 and different programmed excel and MathCAD worksheet. The code used in the design was the Italian CNR.

Year: 2010

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