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Infrastructure design


Name of Project: "Design of Mother Theresa boulevard, Shengjin".

Location: Albania

Client: Shengjin, Municipality.

Description of Project: The road width is 12.0 m asphalt. The project design is according the AASHTO standard. The design include:Design of the road geometry. Pavement design. Design of culverts. Design of the retaining walls. Road drainage system. Traffic signs and road safety measures. Lighting system.

Year: 2013


Name of Project: "Design of Melgushe watersupply network, Bushat”.

Location: Albania

Client: Bushat, Municipality.

Description of Project: Design of the watersupply network, topographical site survey of the alignment, hydraulic calculation. The design is according the Albanian standard. Preparation of the complete detail design drawings, reports and technical specification.

Year: 2013

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