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Infrastructure design


Name of Project: "Design of a four span viaduct, Leskovik".

Location: Albania

Client: Albanian Development Fund.

Description of Project: Design of four span reinforced concrete bridge (span=4x22m). The bridge abutments are in reinforced concrete and the foundations are spread footings. The deck width is 8.0m and is composed by reinforced concrete beams and a cast in situ slab. The calculation were done using Sap2000 and different programmed excel and MathCAD worksheet. The code used in the design was the Italian CNR..

Year: 2010


Name of Project: "Design of urban road, Mustafa Xhabrahimi, Farke”.

Location: Albania

Client: Farka, Municipality.

Description of Project: The road width is 4m asphalt and two unpaved shoulders 0.5m . The project is designed according the AASHTO standard. The design include:Design of the road geometry. Pavement design. Design of culverts. Design of the retaining walls. Road drainage system. Traffic signs and road safety measures. Sewerage and water supply network.

Year: 2012

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