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C.E.C LTD was founded in 2009. The core of our business is the design and supervision of buildings and infrastructure projects. We are well equipped to handle the smallest to the largest of jobs. As a leading consulting and design company, we pride ourselves on our ability to work smoothly with clients, principle contractors and subcontractors to meet building and design requirements. What sets us apart is the direct employment of our workforce and our passion for achieving the best-engineered solutions for our clients.


C.E.C LTD is a pioneer of many innovative design, construction, engineering and project management techniques. Our expert civil and construction project delivery experience ensures we are the preferred contractor for many clients across a vast array of industry sectors. Whilst leading the way in collaborative alliances, we value working closely with clients, contractors and local community to achieve mutual benefit. With an intimate knowledge and extensive experience in infrastructure, geotechnical, building and urban planning projects, we enjoy working on environmentally sustainable developments and are committed to maximizing value to our clients.


C.E.C LTD operates as a prime contractor and as a reliable and user-friendly major subcontractor on build only contracts or design and build contracts. The company has available, in-house, both fully equipped manual drafting facilities and full-equipped CAD facilities, with the requisite draftsmen to further enhance the Company’s capabilities in this regard.


C.E.C LTD design and supervision services include:

-Tunnel and underground structures, design and supervision.

- Highway, motorway and airport design-supervision-Feasibility Studies.

- High-rise building design-supervision.                                       

- Erosion and Sediment Control Plans. Reinforced earth structures design. - Geological and geotechnical studies.

- Bridge and concrete retaining earth structures, design-supervision.

- Watersupply and Sewerage systems design-supervision. Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies.

- Storm Drainage Improvement design-supervision-Survey.

- Environmental impact assessment and topographical survey.